Hard Times

Is the rain falling from the sky,
keeping you from singing?
Is that tear falling from your eye,
‘cause the wind is stinging?

Ref: Don’t you fret now, child, don’t you worry?
The rain’s to help you grow
so don’t try to hurry the storm along.
The hard times make you strong.

Don’t you know, a seed could never grow,
if there were no showers?
Though the rain might bring a little pain,
just think of all the flowers.

I know how long a day can seem,
when storm clouds hide his face;
and if the rain dissolves your dream,
just remember his amazing grace!

Don’t you know,
the sun is always there, even when the rains fall?
Don’t you know,
the son will always care, when he hears your voice call?

15.6.08 14:07

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